• Saltation Part Ⅲ, Landscape
    le 24/01/2020 à 8:39

    LANDSCAPE Audiovisual , Laser + video mapping binder-a.comCast: Binder-a

    le 24/01/2020 à 8:39

    PICMA : PICKER & MAPPER Is a component for TouchDesigner, create for projection mapping. Get it here : derivative.ca/community-post/asset/picma Select some parts of your video and distort them on the projection. You will need to plug in PICMA your Pixelmap (reference image grid of your video), and your video file. I create PICMA for this project : fredtretout.com/asile With PICKER you can : Create Rectangle and Triangle, and duplicate them. Snapping and precise position with arrow keys. With MAPPER you can : Output and work directly on your projector view. Subdivide mesh resolution (not like Resolume) Use Bezier deformation, Use Get Picker Mesh after activate Bezier Mode (not work anymore if deactivate, sorry but you will need to do all the process again) It's free and come with a lot of bugs : deselection point when you switch between projector and ui, layers position (do it at the end). Tell me if it's useful for your project !Cast: Fred TRÉTOUTTags: touchdesigner, mapping, edit, picma, projection, madmapper, resolume and arena

  • Showreel 2019
    le 23/01/2020 à 10:17

    Projects made by Mamatus Collective during 2019. mamatus.frCast: MamatusTags: projection mapping, interactive, videogame, monumental and immersif

    le 20/01/2020 à 9:05

    Découvrez le JAMION, notre dispositif de projection mobile unique en Europe, inventé et breveté par l'Atelier ATHEM.Cast: ATELIER ATHEM

  • Zimoun : 510 prepared dc-motors, 2142 m rope, wooden sticks 20 cm, 2019
    le 20/01/2020 à 7:42

    510 prepared dc-motors, 2142 m rope, wooden sticks 20 cm Zimoun 2019Cast: ZIMOUN

  • Future Sound of Aveiro
    le 20/01/2020 à 7:41

    Future Sound of ” is a site specific interactive installation which explores the audiovisual landscape of a specific city. The inhabitants of [insert city] are invited to enter in a dark room where the characteristic sounds of their city life. Through the exploration of the space, they may find changes in the space-time continuum that will modify these sounds, transforming them [or not] in hypothetic sounds of the future of [insert city]. Could these [new] sounds draw their future? This installation has been presented at : Festival Som Riscado 2016 / Future Sound of (Loulé); Centro de Artes Águeda 2017 / Future Sound of (Águeda). Palácio Landal, Santarém 2019 / Future Sound of (Santarém). Criatek, Aveiro 2019 / Future Sound of (Aveiro).Cast: visiophoneTags: audiovisual, installation, audioreactive, borischimp504, live, kinect, livevisuals, av and tracking

  • Earthsatz - AV show
    le 20/01/2020 à 7:40

    Teaser of the 2020 version of Earthsatz AV show. The world, as it is shown to us by Google Earth, is intriguing... The shapes’ imperfections, the textures’ distorsions, the suspended time, are all attributes of a new kind of universe, an hybrid one, looking more like an algorithmic fiction than our tangible reality. Earthsatz tries to amplify the cold and oppressive poetry generated by this « pocket world », where life doesn’t exist and particules are replaced by pixels. Maybe we should try to contemplate it for what it really is : a fictional universe that mimics the one we are living in, developing its own autonomy. With photogrammetry, we scanned some parts of the Google-generated world. We built 3D landscapes from them and tried to highlight their surreal caracteristics, playing with mysterious lights, impossible distortions and moving points of view. Earthatz is a ride in this corrupted world, celebrating all its fictional, articificial and irrational aspects. As the landscapes are desintegrating and recomposing themselves, their roars are embodied in distorded and mechanical sounds. These heavy synth pads extand the figurative universe, being its intense echo in the spectator’s perceptual space.Cast: Dylan CoteTags: 3D, digital art, av show, audiovisual and photogrammetry

  • Jérémy Oury | PRISM | NAPA lighted art festival 2020
    le 15/01/2020 à 7:21

    Mapping "PRISM", NAPA Light art festival, USA, January 2020 Visual & Sound - Jérémy Oury jeremyoury.fr arcaancollective.frCast: jerem ouryTags: NAPA, videomapping, video, mapping, oury, jeremy and prism

  • Color Factory Thought Bubbles Installation
    le 15/01/2020 à 7:16

    Cast: Harvey & JohnTags: installation, colour, art, color, factory, levitating, balloon, experiential, floating, air and interactive

  • Atelierkonzert LUX und DEZIBEL Silvester 2019
    le 15/01/2020 à 7:16

    After tremendous art projects last year it was a pleasure and a joy to entertain friends and audience for new years eve ...Cast: kurt laurenz theinert