• Stype RedSpy for xR Camera Tracking test
    le 08/04/2020 à 6:43

    Here in testing the Stype RedSpy for xR camera tracking.Cast: BERTO MORA

  • "SC/\N" Audiovisual Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead (Unofficial )
    le 08/04/2020 à 6:43

    Generated and captured in realtime from Touchdesigner while listening to Boards of Canada. made by Ronen Tanchum @ Phenomena LabsCast: Phenomena LabsTags: Audiovisual, touchdesigner, generative, vj, visualart, mediaart, newmediaart, dj, generativedesign, boardsofcanada, meditative, soundart and visualsound

  • Geo_Abyss (FRAMED Preview)
    le 08/04/2020 à 6:39

    Sound art by Han ChengYeh 韓承燁 Viusal art by aka_chang 張方禹 . . “GEOS: Audiovisual Sculpture Collaboration Project” is a series of audiovisual works created by media artist aka_chang and different sound artists. Based on the geometrical visual elements such as the circular sphere and block-shaped cubic structures. Artist aims to make the three-dimensional objects that are constantly rotating themselves are structured and particleized by analyzing and quantifying the values of audio volume, pitch, and high low spectrum, then deconstruction and re-structured with audio in advance. To achieve the point of balance between chaos and order, and try to create a simple visual sculpture series that chained with the sound.Cast: mwva

  • CONCATENATION ( an experimental video )
    le 01/04/2020 à 5:08

    by donato sansone sound by enrico ascoli distributed by autour de minuitCast: Donato Sansone (milkyeyes)

  • THE FOREST INHALES YOU - VR (short extract POV)
    le 01/04/2020 à 9:28

    This is a screencapture POV of th immersive VR experience shown as an integral part to the immersive projection art installation at Playtopia 2019. Our collaboration is representing a confluence of human and nature. The dissolution of the physical borders will be conveyed and the artwork is guided by the intention of connection. We wish the viewer to slow down, turn inward and have the perception of Self as form be deeply affected. Our installation is a gentle reminder of our interconnection beyond a permanence of form. Inka Kendzia / Mr Sakitumi / Jason Stapleton / Noël Labridy / Mark RautenbachCast: Inka KendziaTags: VR, capture, art, immersive installation, Inka Kendzia, Mr Sakitumi, Jason Stapleton, Noël Labridy, birth. death, interconnectedness, cycles, life, trees, nature and breath

  • BorisChimp504 . Audiovisual Explorations from the Deepspace . 2020
    le 01/04/2020 à 9:25

    Boris has been travelling through deep space, crossing interstellar clouds of dust, star clusters and infinite planetary systems. It is not clear where he is now in the space-time continuum, his last transmission with Vladivostok Space Center was the following set of AV explorations from the deep space. - Extracts from the recent Boris Chimp 504's audiovisual explorations. All visuals generated in real time with Vuo. Audio . Miguel Neto Visuals . Rodrigo Carvalho instagram.com/borischimp504facebook.com/borischimp504 borischimp504.comCast: Boris Chimp 504

  • Holometabolism
    le 29/03/2020 à 9:52

    This video is influenced by an architectural movement called Holo-metabolism. It derives from the ideas of the Japanese metalbolism movement in the 60's initiated by Kenzo Tange; but adds influences from certain insects and their metamorphosis. Especially by the 4 life stages that goes from Egg, Larv, Pupa to Imago/Adult. Holo-metabolism strives to adapt that process in to how architectural bodies gradually will evolve according to the nature that surrounds it. The structures will eventually intertwine with the soil, rocks and vegetation and create a symbiosis. With Holo-metabolism there's no intention to make it practical and functional for inhabitants. Instead the primary objective is to let the chaotic aspects of nature create unique Imago's. This video depicts several results of that process during the four seasons.Cast: AUJIK

  • GRIDSPACE - Studio Reel 2020
    le 29/03/2020 à 9:51

    GRIDSPACE is a multimedia entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of creative environments. From state-of-the-art temporary installations to permanent locations, physical and digital worlds collide through our signature scenography, motion graphics, set design, and technological innovation. Whether you’re a brand, corporation, artist or just a crazy mind, if you can think it, we can bring it. ©GRIDSPACECast: GRIDSPACE

  • 2020 Houdini Games Reel
    le 25/03/2020 à 9:55

    On March 25-27, join us for the Houdini HIVE GameDev - with educational and inspiring presentations by both SideFX technical experts and industry professionals. More info here: sidefx.co/3b1fJrq This 2020 games reel highlights yet another year of outstanding work by the crazy talented artists from game studios of all sizes, from Indie to AAA. This year's participating studios include: 4A Games Axis Bits Alive Studio Blueprint Games Capcom Digic Pictures Fifty Two Fish Flight Entertainment Fishing Cactus Fox Dive Studio Gearbox Goofy Gamer Games KLab Kristian Kebbe Maschinen-Mensch Moving Pieces Interactive nDreams Noisestorm Phoenix Labs Rare RealTime UK Remedy Scavengers Studio Sega Square Enix Synesthetic Echo The Coalition The Pixel Mine Virtuos GamesCast: SideFX Houdini

  • Please-Stand-By-LeCollagiste
    le 22/03/2020 à 12:42

    Mosaic Mire TV Please stand byCast: LeCollagisteTags: LeCollagiste, TV, Mire, Mire TV and please sand by