• Duality http://dlvr.it/QrTvY6
    le 17/11/2018 à 6:47

    Duality http://dlvr.it/QrTvY6 […]

  • DYNAMIC LED X FACTOR http://dlvr.it/QrTvWk
    le 17/11/2018 à 6:47

    DYNAMIC LED X FACTOR http://dlvr.it/QrTvWk […]

  • Backlight http://dlvr.it/QrTvS0
    le 17/11/2018 à 6:47

    Backlight http://dlvr.it/QrTvS0 […]

    le 17/11/2018 à 4:37

    https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/738083999_960.jpg960540urn:ebuX FACTOR 2018 DYNAMIC LED: AMG INTERNATIONAL VISUAL: VIDEOSOLID SOFTWARE: MADMAPPER LOCATION: M8STUDIOS TRACK: APHEX TWIN T69 COLLAPSECast: videosolid […]

  • Duality
    le 17/11/2018 à 4:37

    https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/736388956_960.jpg960540urn:ebuDuality was born from the collaboration between Pixel legion Collective and the musician Brice Deloose from FTRSND. The result of this meeting is an immersive installation using light of lazers and music.Cast: Pixel LegionTags: touchdesigner, laser, art, art numerique, digital art, techno, experimental and audio visua […]

  • Backlight
    le 17/11/2018 à 4:21

    https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/739395146_960.jpg960540urn:ebuBacklight is a performance for 2 dancers. A contre-jour where image and dance come together in single movement. A visual writing where the body marks its imprint. Dancers: Elodie Allary & Benjamin Dur Design and Direction: Holymage Choreography: Elodie Bergereaut - Danaïade Technical means: Magnum Music: Guillaume Le Dain Agency: Creative Concept Backlight is an original creation for KymcoCast: HolymageTags: Dance, mapping, projection, dancers, video, black and white, duo, contre-jour, design, backlight, shadow, videomapping and creation […]

  • StratoFyzika - Intermedia Performance Collective - Portfolio...
    le 14/11/2018 à 8:27

    StratoFyzika - Intermedia Performance Collective - Portfolio http://dlvr.it/QrC7fV […]

  • SPII_Test. http://dlvr.it/QrC7Yl
    le 14/11/2018 à 8:27

    SPII_Test. http://dlvr.it/QrC7Y […]

  • Silence http://dlvr.it/QrC7Rs
    le 14/11/2018 à 8:27

    Silence http://dlvr.it/QrC7Rs […]

  • StratoFyzika - Intermedia Performance Collective - Portfolio
    le 14/11/2018 à 6:31

    https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/739025004_960.jpg960540urn:ebuStratoFyzika - Interactive audiovisual performance - Berlin, Lisbon As an interdisciplinary collective, StratoFyzika creates immersive, mind-altering performance experiences through a hybrid of new media, dance, and spatial soundscapes. stratofyzika.comCast: Alessandra Leon […]