Live Vimeo

    le 16/12/2017 à 6:10

    VR Experience with depth camera. See yourself in point cloud and interact with others memory. --- OBJI is an virtual reality experience about your body […]

  • Crystal man
    le 16/12/2017 à 6:02

    Made with Vuo. My first test controlling audio with a Kinect. Cast: Joe Catchpo […]

  • Space VJ Meeting 2017
    le 16/12/2017 à 9:58

    Video I shot with my drone while visiting the Space VJ Meeting in 2017. Edited for the video contest. Cast: VJLoops.com […]

  • Mapping : Kaleidoszkóp, octobre 2015
    le 16/12/2017 à 9:58

    Kaleidoszkóp Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Galerie Nationale Hongroise) 15.10.2015 Résidence mapping et danse, de Ludovic Burczykowski, Samy […]