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  • Owns Nothing to the Light of Day (excerpt)
    le 20/05/2019 à 9:58

    Owns Nothing to the Light of Day (excerpt) an excerpt from the audiovisual work Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows by Pandelis Diamantides A digital granary of […]

  • ZONE - Full Dome (generative)
    le 20/05/2019 à 9:57

    ZONE - Is a live audio-visual piece that is designed to take spectators into the Artist's core creative process and energy of the music. It is a living system […]

  • SCI-FI SLAB STATION S4000 v.2 (loop)
    le 19/05/2019 à 5:03

    [Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.] Music: Romare - "Your Love" (You Give Me Fever) / […]

    le 19/05/2019 à 5:03

    AV Interactive Installation made at EMERGENCE Digital Media Science Communication Hackathon (São Miguel, Açores - Arquipélago - Centro de […]