Live Vimeo

  • Valdemar - Kind
    le 15/01/2018 à 1:23

    "Slice me up, make me dance." Director/DoP/Edit/Color/VFX - BABYBABY Hair and make up - Marino Asahi Cast - Grace Lambert and Robin Dodler In […]

  • LE SENTIER FANTASTIQUE / Voyage au centre de la terre
    le 15/01/2018 à 1:10

    Série d'installations lumineuses en forêt sur le Thème du "Voyage au Centre de la Terre" de Jules Verne. AV-Exciters et la Ville de […]

  • My Custom VJ Setup
    le 15/01/2018 à 1:10

    Custom VJ Setup build in TouchDesigner 099 including: - layered style video tracks with 'Over' and 'Difference' compositing - video transitions, controls and […]

  • Way to Artist
    le 15/01/2018 à 1:10

    Way to Artist, teamVOID, 2017 robot installation, robot arm, pedestals, easel, plaster cast, paper and pencils, dimensions variable 'Way to Artist' has the […]