Live Vimeo

    le 15/07/2019 à 11:31

    Nataal teamed up with Haig for its first Haig Club House Party in Joburg. They took over The Artivist in Braamfontein for a night of wonder and adventure to […]

  • CORE / Reboot
    le 15/07/2019 à 11:30

    Core is a sensory and visual journey, which implements a new technology of music spatialization with dynamic volumetric light. More info […]

  • Laserspace at Western Balkans Summit 2019
    le 15/07/2019 à 11:30

    Laserspace by Patryk Lichota Laserflesh by Patryk Lichota Patryk Lichota - concept, music, programing, design Maciej Klocek - laser animation, design […]

  • AAR4KH_001
    le 11/07/2019 à 7:04

    Exepts from the new AV show created with Antoine. The whole clip is a recorded of a live set, All working in realtime and driven by MIDI notes sent from […]