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  • Cardboard Wipeout [2019]
    le 22/01/2019 à 9:10

    A gaming workshop for the youth of Somerset. Ten hours, ten teenagers. Go! tobyz.net/projects/wipeoutCast: toby*spark […]

  • Graham Dunning at Experience VJ: "Mechanical Techno" excerpt
    le 21/01/2019 à 12:30

    "Originally a studio project for making recordings, I now also perform live using the Mechanical Techno method. Several looping records spin on the same axle, […]

  • Xangle 2019!
    le 21/01/2019 à 9:45

    Multi-camera arrays are a way for me to make art, travel and make people smile. Everytime I get that wow reaction after I light-paint someone in 360 worth so […]

  • Cluj-Napoca: The Heart Of Transylvania
    le 21/01/2019 à 9:44

    On the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the Great Union, Mindscape Studio teamed up with Why Not, Apart Productions, At Last and created a multimedia […]